Council and Assembly Election of Officers

posted May 3, 2012, 12:22 PM by Tom Morlock

The  By-Laws of your local council or Assembly should match Supreme's by-laws for subordinate councils.  This requires elections to take place at the monthly general meeting that falls between May 15-June 15 annually.

Result should be submitted to Supreme via Member Management by the Financial Secretary, Faithful Controller / Grand Knight, Faithful Navigator immediately following the election.  

Go to Member Management in the Officers area of the navigate to:
  Council Administration, 
  Council Officers Current and Next, 
  Council Officers - Next Year, 
  Use the button (Copy Current Year) if mostly relected members
  The repeat the following for each Office:
    - Choose Role, type the last name of elected Officer (or a few characters followed by *) press <Search>
    - Highlight/select the name in the "Choose Member" box and press "Assign".

  After all members are assigned select <Submit> after reviewing the list at the bottom of the page.
   Supreme now has the updated officer list.

To update State:
   - Select the "Print Center" tab at the top    
   - Click on "Next Fraternal Year Officers"
   - Save this PDF to your computer then"
      - Send an email to your District Deputy and
      - Attach the PDF you just created and send the email to update State and your District