The Eastern Diocesan Association (EDA) was established by the Ontario State Board.  Its objectives are broad and will be included on this website.

For the 2012-2013 fraternal year the following program areas of work have been identified:
  • rebuilding/promote engagement of Councils, Districts and Assemblies in the EDA's work
  • Provide a forum for information sharing of ideas and experiences among Councils, District and Assemblies
  • Improve operational capability by organising and delivering training sessions
  • Promote Spiritual growth in alignment with the Bishop
  • Support other zone initiatives within the Archdiocese of Toronto 
EDA meetings are open to all voting members and current District Deputies, Faithful Navigators and up to three members per council (in good standing).

Diocesan Associations Purpose (as defined by State)
The following information is an excerpt of the Ontario State document "PURPOSE, STRUCTURE AND RULES FOR DIOCESAN ASSOCIATIONS" (Revision #5 October 2008). (Full document available via ERDC - password required)
1) Purpose

a) To serve as the official link between the Bishop and his Clergy and all Councils and Assemblies within the boundaries of a Diocese.
b)To increase among the Councils and Assemblies a greater solidarity and visibility within the diocese.
c) To work in solidarity with the Priests of the Diocese in building up Catholic Christian values and to promote the message of Vocations.
d) To work closely with the District Deputies and Masters to increase unity among the Councils and Assemblies within the diocese.
e) To increase among the Councils and Assemblies a greater sense of belonging to the Diocesan Church.
f) To develop and maintain strong ties with the individual parishes within the Diocese.
g) To elect delegates to the Supreme Convention based upon the regional boundary where applicable.
h) To conduct / organize seminars for officers.
i) To provide a forum to put forward important diocesan charitable needs.
j) To enhance the Order by being charitable, united, fraternal and patriotic.
k) To keep Councils informed of the dates that Degrees are being held within the Diocese / Zone. To encourage and support all degrees within the Diocese and/or Zone.

2) Boundaries

a) The boundaries of each Diocesan Association shall be identical to the boundary of the Diocese unless otherwise altered by the State Deputy after consulting with the Bishop of the Diocese.
b) Zones have been created within those Dioceses wherein a sizable number of Councils exist.
i) Dioceses with Zones are as follows:
  (1) Toronto (East, West & North)
  (2) London (East & West)
  (3) Hamilton (North & South)
  (4) Sault Ste. Marie (East, West & Central)

3) Membership

a) Membership shall consist of Brother Knights of the Association or Zone in good standing.
b) All members may participate in the discussions of issues.
c) Each Council is entitled to a maximum of three votes at a meeting of the Association. Only members of the Association or Zone present shall vote, such that no individual may be entitled to more than one vote.
d) District Deputies and Faithful Navigators of the Association, if present at a meeting of the Association, are entitled to one vote at a meeting.
e) A District Deputy or Faithful Navigator may not vote as part of a Council’s allocation of votes.
f) A Council must be in good standing with the Association in order to have votes at a meeting of the Association.