Degree Exemplifications

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Degrees and Events Calendars
Please review the information below before sending a candidate to a degree...
Admission Degrees:

For all Admission Degrees please ensure each candidate has:

  1. signed the Form 100 (must be the new one - all old green Form 100's should be destroyed) and
  2. signed the council's Constitutional Roll (Supply form # 343E/F)
  3. Admission Degree Kit (Supreme item # 531E or 531F for French) Kit contains: the Rosary, lapel pin and  "These Men Called Knights" booklet and other material that a candidate should be provided with outside the degree.
  4. A membership card (member # will be blank - F.S. go to Supreme’s “Member Billing, Membership Cards, Blank Membership Card Template” - print sheet fed membership cards: order #2724)

Formation & Knighthood Degrees:

For all Formation & Knighthood Degrees: the Council must provide a signed SO-37 listing each member and signed by the G.K. or F.S.


A schedule of all third degrees can be found on the Ontario State website.  

Knighthood Degree Schedule

Contact the DD of the Host District or the Host Council for details.

  1. Always confirm your degree with the provided contact to ensure space is allocated appropriately.  
  2. Members taking a degree should be accompanied by an officer of the council and/or their Proposer.
  3. (SO-37) Degree Participation MUST BE FILLED OUT and SIGNED before sending a member to a degree.
(SO-37) Degree Participation download
(SO-37) Formulaire de participation aux initiations   téléchargez

Submit a new Degree here: email the particulars to