Archdiocese of Toronto - Toronto, ON

Columbian Squires - ONTARIO - Ontario Provincial Board's official Squires' website. Visit to learn more about the official youth organization of the Knights of Columbus.

Canadian Catholic Conference of Bishops (CCCB) - Ottawa, ON 
- The CCCB is active in issues such as: ecumenism, liturgy, Christian education, human rights, social justice in Canada and the Third World, respect for life, synods, relations with the Holy See and with other Episcopal conferences. (For Canadian Catholic Churches On-Line, Directories, etc.)

Canadian Catholic Organization for Development & Peace

One of Canada's leading international development agencies, D&P is a democratic movement for international solidarity, that supports partners in the Third World in the pursuit of alternatives to unjust social, political and economic structures.  It educates the Canadian population about the causes of impoverishment of peoples and mobilizes actions for change. In the struggle for human dignity, D&P associates with social change groups in the North and South. It supports women in their search for social and economic justice.  D&P, the official development organization of the Canadian Catholic Church, is inspired by the values of the Gospel, particularly "the preferential option for the poor." 

Catholic Biblical Association - Toronto, ON 
- CBAC has a special mission and privilege: to foster the knowledge of and reverence for the Bible. In our faith journey we encounter God and God's saving message in a variety of times and places, but most particularly in the prayer, pain, joy and quest which have found expressions in our Bible.

Catholic Cemeteries, Archdiocese of Toronto - Toronto, ON 
- Committed to providing cemeteries for the sacred religious function of burial and to preserving these resting  places as a symbol of our Catholic Faith. Responsible for the compassionate care of our families and friends before, during and after interment of a loved one.  Dedicated to the reverent maintenance of the burial place, comforting of the bereaved, and acting as a resource for bereavement issues.

Catholic City - Fairview Park, OH 
- began as one of the very first Catholic "supersites" on the Internet, and remains a world-leader in serving Catholics online as the official Internet site of the Mary Foundation, our parent organization.

Catholic Children's Aid Society - Toronto, ON
The CCAS is one part of a province-wide network of agencies in Ontario working to protect children from neglect and physical, sexual and emotional abuse. CCAS is one of three mandated child protection agencies in Toronto. The Catholic Children's Aid Society of Toronto is funded and regulated by the Ministry of Community, Family and Children's Services and mandated by the Child and Family Services Act to protect Catholic children in Toronto age 16 and under from abuse and neglect. Research informs decisions about programs and policy.

Catholic Community Services of York Region - York Region,ON 
- Within the Catholic value system the Agency serves people with social and personal needs in order to strengthen and enhance individual and family functioning, and to empower them to live as independent, healthy and socially responsible people. The agency serves all people regardless of religion,culture, race or creed.  In addition to responding to the needs of its culturally diverse clients,the Agency advocates for changes in our community and in government legislation so as to enhance the welfare, health and functioning of the individuals and families served by the agency.

Catholic Missions in Canada - Mission Catholique au Canada 
- The mission of the Catholic Missions In Canada is to foster and extend the blessings of the Catholic faith through the support of Canadian Missions in regions of our country where the population is too small, or the economic situation of the community is too fragile for the people themselves to support their local Church and its ministry.

Catholic On-Line 
- The Mission of Catholic Online is to Serve as a Center for the Exchange of Information for Catholics and All People of God, to Help them Deepen their understanding of Our Catholic Faith. Catholic Online is here to Help Guide All People of God back to the Community of Christ. For it is God's will to bring all human beings into one people, united in Christ, overcoming all that now divides Mankind. Catholic Online is here to Serve the World Wide Catholic Community.

Catholic Pulse - News Catholics Need to know

Catholic Resources on the Net

Manresa Retreat - Pickering, ON  
- INTIMACY WITH GOD - That's what spiritual renewal is all about! It's time out from the anxieties of daily living! It's a graced period in our faith history where we reflect on what is important in our lives! It's a time above all to develop our relationship with a God who loves us very much just as we are! It's time for spiritual growth! MANRESA offers three kinds of spiritual renewal programs, all in the Ignatian tradition of desiring, seeking and finding God in the reality of our daily lives.

Martyrs' Shrine - Midland, ON

Newman Centre - University of Toronto, Toronto, ON - The Newman Centre is more than a cluster of old, Victorian buildings across from the Robarts Library on the University of Toronto campus. It is a Catholic Mission with a special mandate of service to the university community, and as such, is open to all who wish to explore, deepen, and celebrate the Catholic faith. Our Catholic history indicates that for centuries Christian leaders have worked on university campuses to effect some of the greatest religious revivals in our history.
Our mission at the Newman Centre is to help people to see Jesus and to meet him through our liturgies, programs or activities. John Henry Cardinal Newman, the man after whom this centre is named is a great model, apostle of unity and intercessor for us. He preached quietly and insistently the gospel of Jesus Christ and called his hearers to conversion and holiness. He directed attention to the centre of our faith, to the incarnate Lord who is the crucified Lord. The Archdiocese of Toronto can be very proud that they have taken the lead in Catholic Campus Ministry in Canada through their firm commitment to the Newman Centre of Toronto.

Not only is the local church providing pastoral services, ministries, programs, and good, solid Catholic teaching, but through the Newman Centre, we are sowing seeds for vocations to Christian marriage, to priesthood, the religious life and to lay ministry within the Church. We are at the heart of this great Archdiocese, ready to welcome and serve all who come here.

Office of Catholic Youth - Toronto, ON 
- Our research and evaluation of Parish-based youth ministry has demonstrated that most in-depth youth formation happens in parishes that have a strong lay leader who has a good relationship with the Pastor. We recognized some common characteristics in the dynamic Youth Minister. While no one person is a perfect Christian, we can look for the seeds of various qualities (a list of these qualities follow this section). Once we have identified the strong leader it is important to form them in the Gospel values and support them through Christian community.

Office of Vocations Toronto  - Toronto, ON 
- The Office of Vocations exists to promote, encourage, and help in the discernment process of individuals who sense a call to Diocesan Priesthood, Consecrated Religious Life, and the Permanent Diaconate. We are considered the official contact for those who feel called to a ministry of 'Service' in the Church

Ontario Conference of Catholic Bishops 
- The Ontario Conference of Catholic Bishops is the association of the Catholic bishops of the Province of Ontario in the service of Catholics of Ontario.   By its very nature, the OCCB is involved in matters of conscience. It is, therefore, involved in providing information and instruction about the principles and moral positions of the Church on all aspects of life.  The OCCB is one of four regional conferences of the Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops, which is located in Ottawa. The CCCB is the national association of all Catholic bishops of Canada.  The purpose of the Conference is to elaborate and coordinate the pastoral activity common to the particular Churches of the province 

Retrouvaille ... a Lifeline for Married Couples 
- Retrouvaille is the name of a program designed to help couples heal and renew their own marriage relationship.  The word Retrouvaille, simply means 'rediscovery'.  The program offers the chance to rediscover yourself, your spouse, and a loving relationship in your marriage.

Share Life - Archdiocese of Toronto, ON

St. Augustine's Seminary - Toronto, ON 
- Our primary goal at St. Augustine's Seminary is the formation of candidates to the Diocesan Priesthood for the Roman Catholic Church in English-speaking Canada.  At the same time, we are proud to offer programmes of study for the formation of candidates to the Permanent Diaconate, as well as a variety of degrees and diplomas of interest to lay men and women, and members of religious orders.

The Catholic Register - Toronto, ON

The Jesuits of Upper Canada - Toronto, ON

The Ultimate Pro-Life Resource List - The  most  comprehensive  listing  of  right  to  life  resources  on  the  Internet.  The  Ultimate  Pro-life  Resource  List  strongly  opposes  abortion  related  violence. 

The Vatican - The Holy See - Le Saint Siège - La Santa Sede ( English / French )

Vita Manor - Peel Region, ON - Support in community and residential support programs for pregnant women.  Dedicated to the Preservation and Dignity of Human Life.

Vocations Canada - Discover your calling and embark on a Spiritual journey of service and commitment.