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Visit the Ontario State Council College of Knowledge

If you a new Grand Knight, Financial Secretary (Faithful Navigators and Faithful Comptroller in Assemblies) be sure you have passwords to access the secure areas of the State and Supreme websites.

State Website:

The general website for Ontario State is

Along with general information you'll need the "Forms" page and Electronic Distribution of Routine Correspondence "EDRC".  A password is required to access the EDRC page.  If you don't have the password send an e-mail to  Tell them which of the eligible groups listed below you belong to.  Once you have the password designated for your group you should sign in and at the top of the page click the link to sign up for automatic notification of new postings.

You are eligible to receive EDRC if you belong to any of the following groups:

  • Service Programme Directors,
  • Membership/Reports Director,
  • District Deputies,
  • Grand Knights,
  • Financial Secretaries,
  • 4th Degree

There is ongoing training done but State. Stay in touch with the EDA to find out when new sessions are. Previous sessions are recorded and hosted on the State website and can be viewed at any time. On the State website look under Officers, then "College of Knowledge".

Supreme Website:

The general website for the Knights of Columbus as you know is  In the "Officers Online" you can see the Supreme list for your Council or Assembly (in Excel or PDF format... you should download or print a copy of your roster in January and July to help with your audit).  In 2009 "Member Management" was introduced allowing to add phone number, e-mail address, spouse and other information to the member's record.  This allows you to access one central database that's simple to pass on to new officers.  Once updated you can generate phone listing (for your Call Tree) or to pass to the Fraternal Benefits Advisor.  You can produce birthday and Anniversary listings, etc. You can also generate invoices, print membership cards (using the new stock #) plus many other useful tools to keep your membership information up to date.  This is open the Grand Knights and Financial Secretaries for Councils and Faithful Navigators and Faithful Comptroller for Assemblies.

To get your Invitation Code to gain access: Member Management contact Supreme Customer Service at 1-800-380-9995 between the hours of 8:00 AM - 6:00 PM (Eastern time).  Have your membership number available.

Customer Service can also assist officers who have forgotten their username and/or password.